Nov 2017

HANTIN is a hybrid modular typeface that combines of Hangul and Latin letter forms and writing systems. This typeface enables a reader to understand Latin phonetic sounds without needing to study English beforehand. Conversely, the typeface also allows a reader to understand Korean phonetic sounds without the need to study Korean.

This book explores the principle of making a Hangul and Latin hybrid typeface: HANTIN. Exploring its possible applications, this book is an analytic way to harmonise characters from different writing systems and their origins. This research is not about how to set typographies from different scripts together, but about how typographies from different script origins can be combined and redesigned. In the making process, two different approaches have been attempted: a sound matching hybridisation approach and a form (structure) hybridisation approach. This book aims to help to understand ways of using HANTIN A and B, as well as the development process.

Certificate of Typographic Excellence
2018 Type Directors Club New York