HANTIN A Type Specimen
Nov 2017

HANTIN is a hybrid modular typeface that combines of Hangul and Latin letter forms and writing systems. This typeface enables a reader to understand Latin phonetic sounds without needing to study English beforehand. Conversely, the typeface also allows a reader to understand Korean phonetic sounds without the need to study Korean.

This is HANTIN A type specimen book. HANTIN A is arranged by following the Korean writing system and allows English speakers to read Korean. The Korean writing system is phonemic writing system which the consonants and vowels arranged on the horizontal, or vertically up or down, which gives Korean writing it’s distinctive form for individual words. In HANTIN A, the phonetic sounds represented by Korean characters are matched with Latin letter counterparts. The HANTIN A alphabet is produced by overlaying glyphs with corresponding phonetic sounds.

Certificate of Typographic Excellence
2018 Type Directors Club New York