March 2017

Creators such as, artists, graphic designers, and film makers explain their work through their own interest and concept but the critics contextualise the creators’ works with historical evidence and the social background. In other words, there is always a gap between their ‘voices’, their tone of voice, the structure of their explanation, and their point of view.

By comparing these difference, a new insight can be created. The connection between the voices of the critic and the artist maybe clear or vague, they may agree or be against each other. But eventually, seeing both side explained allows people to find connections between them and provide multi-perspective within a subject.

In this reader, there are many voices across the fields of graphic design, commercial design, literature to film production. Comparison is the key point. How you want to compare them and what you want to connect is up to you, just like the understanding of a work is always different between creator and critics.